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ECTA Inc. - the Early Childhood Teachers Association Queensland

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ECTA Inc., the Early Childhood Teachers Association comprises registered teachers and others interested in the work of early childhood professionals committed to promoting early childhood education philosophy and the ongoing development of quality care and education for young children.

ECTA designs and implements programs that enhance the professional growth of early childhood professionals working in Queensland

ECTA was created and is administered by members who teach in schools, kindergartens and childcare centres or are professionals working in the health, education and well-being of children under eight years of age.

ECTA programs are designed to enhance the professional growth of members and others working in services for children under eight years of age.

ECTA encourages the establishment of regional groups throughout the state to enhance networking among early childhood professionals

ECTA encourages individuals and groups to identify and share with others what they are learning about good practices emerging within their work environment.

A message from the ECTA President

Through your ECTA membership you are a part of a large group of early childhood professionals who share ECTA's values and beliefs regarding high quality early childhood practice. Expect to extend your personal professional expertise through contacts within the membership and commit to promoting wise practice supported by ECTA's philosophy.

ECTA's philosophy is demonstrated in the priorities we give to:

*The importance of active, enquiry based learning nurtured through early childhood teaching pedagogy.

*An acknowledgement that children learn best when children and adults share responsibility for learning and decision-making.

*A commitment to early childhood learning environments reflecting the rights of children and families to be active participants in the learning process.

*A belief that teaching and learning should be characterised by opportunities for children to engage in play in all its forms. This includes children initiating and undertaking investigations around topics of their own interest.

*A respect for the diverse social, cultural and learning needs of all children.

Constitution adopted 2013