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Travel Buddy Records State Preschool Memories

Help Di capture the essence of why so many of us mourn the passing of ...

With the move to Prep next year, the following strategy developed by Di Gall represents an opportunity for teachers, children and communities to capture the essence of preschool education across a range of Queensland contexts. Di is seeking your input to this project. Details of the project and Di's contact information are provided below.

This is a great idea Di - congratulations on your initiative.

Di Gall, Vienna Woods SS, is organising a Preschool Remembrance Travel Buddy. "B1" is able to visit Preschools around the State and have Preschool Memories recorded onto the Learning Place website and/or travel diary. B1 is hoping to collect Preschool photographs and information that could be placed into Ed Views on a regular basis and in doing so, assist the Education community to celebrate the diversity of preschool education.
Di is asking Preschool communities, from around the State, to contact her and organise to have the Travel Buddy visit their centre for 2-3
days. Each school would be responsible for B1 while he stays at your school and would also need to pay the postage to send him onto the next school (anticipated cost about $10).

Just think what would be possible if "B2" was to visit new Prep classes
next year!