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2006 Pam Fulmer Life Member

After graduating from Sydney Kindergarten Teacher's College, Pam Fulmer started her teaching career at a double unit Community Kindergarten in the Sydney suburb of Bexley. This was a great centre for a new graduate as the parents were very supportive and enthusiastically involved in the running of the centre and Pam remained at the centre for six years.

Following her marriage, Pam moved to Brisbane and took up the position of Director at a C&K centre at Chelmer. This was a new challenge for Pam, and while many things were the same in this double unit as the centre she had come from, there were also many new regulations, ideas and approaches to get to know. Pam taught at this centre for four years.

Pam took a two and a half years break for travelling and family, however she soon began to miss teaching and so took up a position at another C&K centre at Herston, where she remained for the next 16 years. This was Pam's first experience at working in a single unit centre and at first it felt strange and isolated being the only teacher at the centre. She began attending regional teachers' meetings and getting to know the teachers in her area and appreciated this new contact.

After a few years at the Herston centre Pam changed to a smaller and closer regional network and it was at these meetings that she met Carole Wild and her association with ECTA began. Pam joined the ECTA conference committee with quite a bit of trepidation as she felt she had very little, if anything, to offer. As time went on Pam became more involved and it was during this period that she became aware that the ECTA executive committee was looking for a treasurer. She was unable to attend the AGM however she commented to Carole that if things were desperate she would take on the position…needless to say it was hers!

Soon after taking on this role ECTA and QUT had a joint venture with the Science Kit projects and things really started to get very busy. Pam stayed on both committees for a few years however being on both committees and working was proving a little difficult and she eventually resigned as treasurer. Pam became the ECTA conference convenor a few years later, after a process of attrition, and at first she wondered how she would be able to follow the great work done by her predecessors. However, Pam says she was not alone as she was part of a great committee and that made things so much easier.

A few words from Pam:

I have thoroughly enjoyed (well mostly) my time "at ECTA" and I value the strong friendships that have evolved and the challenges that have arisen when putting together professional development opportunities. I am continually amazed and proud of what ECTA has done and is doing, as it needs to be remembered that everyone working on these committees is a volunteer and is in the workforce. I recommend to everyone to get involved in organising professional development opportunities either at a regional level or for a wider audience. ECTA is always looking for more committee members and with new technology (eg email) distance need not be an issue. So come on "give it a go" I thought I had nothing to offer and found out that everyone has something to offer.

To Toni and her committee I would like to extend my appreciation on receiving my Life Membership, to say I am overwhelmed and honoured is an understatement.