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2004 Carole Wild Life Member

Carole Wild Biography for ECTA

As I write this I have been a registered teacher for over 50 years and have only retired this year (2013) such is my love of children and supporting their development.
My first years teaching were spent in early primary where I felt I could only manage working with the children in groups to be met by the 'head mistress' as they were called in those days, 'Miss Nash, these children have perfectly good seats (in double desks) why are they sitting on the floor'. As a result I felt an inadequate teacher - of for in 1961
After 5yrs at home with my young family, a move to Brisbane and beginning part time work at Bardon Kindy I began to feel 'at home' as we at Bardon became a member of the C&K family. After some years as co-director/director, upgrading of qualifications and joining ECTA as a delegate from Early Education Reform Group (EERG) I found myself working within a sphere that fulfilled my previously unsupported beliefs. At the time I became more involved with ECTA I was the only C&K teacher there - others worked in departmental preschools. When I retired from Bardon Kindy in 2004 there were ECTA members from all Early Childhood sectors.
In the intervening years I moved from a 'helper' at the Annual ECTA Conference to Convenor for some years - busy and wonderful times. Over those years we focussed on the feedback from teachers when designing the following year's conference. This included planning workshops for assistants/teacher aids, childcare staff and beginning teachers. Another point of pride during this time was the necessity to move venues to cope with increasing numbers, from Bardon Professional Development Centre, to Girls' Grammar to John Paul College and since then yet another move. In 2004 I was both surprised and honoured to receive Life Membership of this marvellous association.
Although there have been some saddening changes in the Early Childhood sector of recent years, the wonderful early childhood teachers have continued to do the right things by their children, ie putting the children's development and needs first.
To all teachers, young and not so young, new and experienced, please join, rejoin or continue membership of ECTA - the greatest advocate for early childhood in Queensland.

Carole on her visit to Wolfgangsee in Austria
Carole on her visit to taken on Wolfgangsee in Austria