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2002 Yvonne Davis Life Member

Taken from article published in EYC vol 8(2) page 4

I want to convey my heartfelt thanks for making me a Life Member of ECTA. I was so taken aback at the Conference I was speechless except for an almost inaudibte 'thank you'.

On reflection though, I have thought many times of a comment I heard, but canít recall who made it, that there is no greater honour than to be acknowledged by your peers. These are a few of my recollections from my years of being an ECTA member.

My involvement with ECTA began way back in the early days (dates are not my strong point) when Gail Halliwell called preschool teachers to come together to form an organisation which would be both a professional and social support while we found a niche in the area of early childhood. We were a small group but very excited about finding ourselves in such a challenging position and eager to make our mark.

I remember meeting at preschools, in each others; homes and then finding a home in a room in the old Queensland Teachers Building.

The newsletters and conferences were the major activities then as they are now. Originally newsletters were typed on single sheets of paper and then roneoded off and mailed to members - again there would be gatherings at various peoples houses to handwrite addresses before inserting newsletters and mailing. One year, deciding to change the
format of the newsletter into a booklet form saw Lyndal Bray-Claridge most beautifully and neatly hand print the entire newsletter. The advent of the computer and desktop publishing made the work of the newsletter editor easier. I paid the penalty of not attending the A.G.M. when I was elected along with Cathy Holyoake as co-editor being assured by the outgoing editor that it wasn't too hard. Cathy and I learned a lot especially how to - put on a bold front - to nag and coerce friends and colleagues into writing articles.

Conferences were always exciting - an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, share ideas and problems, check on all the new faces joining the ranks as more and more new preschools were built.

ECTA had to become an incorporated organisation as we were inviting professionals from overseas to be keynote speakers. I remember when Carole Wild made her inspired and radical suggestion that C&K teachers should join ECTA and we could all work together for the benefit of young children and teachers. This was the beginning of ECTA widening its parameters to include the whole range of people involved in early childhood education and care.

I became Membership Secretary in about 1993 and this has forced/encouraged me to try and develop adequate computer skills to keep up with the ever expanding activities of ECTA (my thanks to friends who come to my aid when I have a computer tizz - they know who they are). I really enjoy, at conferences, matching up real people with their names on the membership data base.

ECTA has been an innovative and leading force in the area of early childhood education and I feel I have been fortunate to have been part of a team of such dedicated people and have had over the years the opportunity to meet so many really lovely early childhooders!'. Yvonne Davis July 2002