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2003 Cathy Holyoak Life Member

Cathy Holyoak in EYC vol 9(2) 2003

Lyn Hunt: When I first joined the Educating Young Children Editorial Panel in about 1993, there was a quietly spoken and hard-working panel member who played a significant role in the development of what was then an "up and coming" new journal. This lady worked tirelessly both for the ECTA Educating Young Children Editorial Panel and the ECTA Executive Committee and was a driving force in the development of so many aspects of ECTA that we recognise today. it has become a tradition at the annual conference to honour an ECTA member who has served the community with dignity and commitment, by awarding them with Life Membership, and this year we once again continued in this tradition.

It is with much pleasure that Cathy Holyoak was awarded the honour of ECTA Life Membership in 2003 in recognition of her long-standing work for ECTA and as a token of appreciation for her many years of service to the Early Childhood Community. Congratulations Cathy.

Thank you to the ECTA Committee for honouring me with this Life Membership, although I did think you had to be older to receive such a privilege. I was very surprised when Yvonne Davis spoke with me, knowing that there are many longer serving committee members than myself, many of whom are here as I speak.

I would like to thank ECTA for the support it gave me as a teacher, particularly as a beginning teacher when everything can seem so overwhelming, and during my country service, when professional support and dialogue can seem so remote. I would like to commend ECTA for its continuing efforts in these areas, but as always, the more you put into any association as a member, the more you receive in terms of professional interaction (that's a committee recruitment drive - get involved!)

ECTA is a very valuable association in these changing times (when are they not?) with the advent of the Prep Year. ECTA can be both a professional voice and support for teachers in the shifting sands of curriculum.

I believe ECTA is well placed to play a valuable role in bridging what may become a gap between early childhood services and early childhood schooling as the Preparatory Year emerges, maintaining professional dialogue and a continuity of learning experiences for children and their families.

Finally, I would like to pay tribute to Cassandra Weddell, with whom I worked on the ECTA journal and Committee, and was also a student of hers in an Early Childhood Drama subject. I believe that Cassandra has made the lives and prospects of many young children much better, and as teachers I feel we can offer no higher praise.
Thank you - Cathy Holyoak