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2004 Noeleen Christensen Life Member

Noeleen started working for ECTA when we were looking for someone to collect and collate the mail and I asked her if she would be interested. Anyway her involvement gradually grew to helping with the conference and WHAT A HELP! and then she became involved with the journal and Cassandra and on and on…

When asked to write a few words for this section Noeleen said:

Have been working at Bardon Community Kindy since 1985, I learnt a lot about ECTA from the time Carole was involved with the State Coordinating Committee. I used to help with the conference etc before I commenced working with the State Committee. I did secretarial work for ECTA from1999 until 2004 during which time ECTA grew a lot, I met and had contact with a lot of great people many of whom I still see each year at the conference. I worked closely with Cassandra on the journal (and really did miss her when she went). Am still very interested in the Early Childhood changes and continue to work at Bardon Kindy which has also seen many changes over the years especially with the introduction of Prep.

Lyn Hunt, ECTA President in 2004 when making the award:

Noeleen Christensen has attended almost every committee meeting – that's ALL committees – Coordinating, Conference, Journal - since she became involved in ECTA. She completes minutes and financial statements with ease, makes sure that bills are paid, deadlines are met, journals completed and generally runs around after all of us helping us do our jobs. She is always modest, helpful, gracious, kind and willing and I personally couldn’t have managed without her. She is paid for only a minute portion of the work that she does and I am both proud and privileged to be the one to ask Noeleen to join with us here on the stage. Noeleen we would like you to accept two awards for us today - an Honorary Associate Life Membership and a Distinguished Service Award in recognition of your many hours of hard work and as a thank you for years of dedication to ECTA and the Early Childhood Profession.

Noeleen Christensen at 2002 Conference
Noeleen at the 2002 Conference