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Regional Group's have served teachers since 1973

Various support strategies have been introduced over the decades, some of these in response to emerging trends in government support for professionals in this field and some in response to requests from members. For instance:

  • In the mid 1970s, ECTA was successful in arguing the case that 'preschool teachers' were eligible for federal government funds available to teacher associations. The funds received were used to introduce yearly state-wide 'regional seminar programs'. These programs brought inter-state and international speakers to Queensland, sending them throughout the State - Mt Isa, Roma, along the coastal towns - wherever there was a regional ECTA group able to manage an overnight event there.
  • In the early 1990s ECTA, in conjunction with the Queensland University of Technology, was a successful recipient of government funding for a different kind of professional development for teachers, leading to a number of science and environmental programs promoted throughout the State.
  • During the 1990s, combining with other groups to promote professional development became an important feature of ECTA's work for regions throughout the State - videolinq sessions in conjunction with TAFE - combining with the Queensland University of Technology to provide workshops associated with the introduction of the Preschool Curriculum Guidelines - combining with AECA Queensland Branch and the Creche and Kindergarten Association to provide professional development programs.
  • Another very important area of support in the 1990s has been assistance in dealing with GST. The mysteries and vagarities of this system as it applies to voluntary associations have provided ECTA Coordinating Committee members and Regional Group Executives with sleepless nights and considerable anxst. We are happy to have it noted that in January 2004 we think we have the system working for us, so if you are considering forming a Regional Group look to us for advice about the GST.
  • The above forms of support and advice continue into the new millenium .. also, we keep our eye out for new government funding initiatives, and, look to our membership for creative new ways to support regional groups and individual members throughout this State.