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The annual ECTA State Conference was held at John Paul College, Daisy Hill, Brisbane on Saturday 27th June, 2009.

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470 conference delegates from early childhood education and care settings across the state attended, with a key note address, 4 master classes and 28 worskhops on offer.

Read more about the conference presentations below or click on the link to view the 2009 Conference Photo Diary.

Keynote Address

09 Key Note Presenter - Professor Loretta Giorcelli

The Role of Early Childhood Professionals in Developing Resilience in Young Children - Professor Loretta Giorcelli OAM

In this keynote presentation Dr Loretta Giorcelli explored current research findings into the development of resilience in children and teens. She extrapolated from them the critical role of Early Childhood Professionals in developing healthy self esteem and resilience in young children made links to the importance resilience plays in supporting the growth of autonomy and relational skills in children. She drew from her long experience of working with children who fail to thrive as learners both in Australia and overseas schools and clinics.

2009 Masterclasses

The details of the 2009 AM (Session 2) and PM (Session 4) Masterclasses are as follows:

Masterclass - Session 2 - M1 - Girls in Education - girls just want to have fun? - Professor Loretta Giorcelli - OAM

09 Key Note Presenter - Professor Loretta Giorcelli

In this session Dr Loretta Giorcelli explored with the audience some of the current critical perspectives of girls in education and asked the audience to frame and share their own views of girls as learners. She addressed current concerns and challenges of girls in relation to school and to socialization. Both academic and social paradigms were considered and a set of recommendations was shared at the end of the session. Emerging data from Scandinavia on girls and attention was of particular relevance in this presentation.

Masterclass - Session 4 - M 3 - Creativity and chaos - catering for the needs of gifted children with special learning needs - Professor Loretta Giorcelli - OAM

09 Key Note Presenter - Professor Loretta Giorcelli

In this session the needs of boys and girls with special or additional capacities will be the central focus. Dr Giorcelli will review the dimensions of learning impacted by special learning needs and summarize what it means to learn differently for either girls or boys as the gender-specific response has been proven to be markedly different. She will draw on her recent research to focus on those within-setting and within-teacher factors that improve outcomes for all learners and in particular on those learners with additional needs. She will conclude with recommendations based on best-practice principles with this population of learners.

Masterclass - Session 2 - M2 - Exciting Children to Learn - Laurie Kelly

2009 Masterclass Presenter - Laurie Kelly

This Masterclass "Exciting Children to Learn" says it all - this session rekindled both your passion for teaching and your students' desire to learn. Delegates recaptured their enthusiasm in the classroom with Laurie's time-tested techniques that ensure that teaching is motivating, attention-grabbing and enjoyable - with maximum impact and affect on the students. We all learn in different ways and this session ensured that teachers' delivery reaches the widest possible range, by teaching delegates a large number of skills, tips and strategies to get subject matter across - be 100% effective in the classroom and have fun doing it! Delegates refreshed and upgraded their skills and learnt how to excite their students to learn…and keep on learning…

Masterclass - Session 4 - M4 - Maintaining the balance - Laurie Kelly

2009 Masterclass Presenter - Laurie Kelly

Stress happens. Stress is a reality of professional life. It is those who learn to control their mental and physical reactions to stress that will thrive. Stress Hardiness is not about eliminating stress from your life; it is about learning to control how you respond in stressful situations. Mindworks showed delegates how. In the martial arts, balance is a crucial element. If you are off balance, it is easy for your opponent to knock you down. It is the same in life and work, if you are out of balance, the slightest blow will overcome you. If however, you are leading a balanced life, whatever hits you simply bounces off.

Conference workshops

Details of all workshops and presenters are available below.

Workshop notes will be made available as they are received from presenters.

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