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    Water: Learn it for life!

    This Waterwise Queensland initiative aims to create greater awareness of water as a valuable resource and to promote long-term change in attitude and behaviour in relation to water use by embedding the learning in school curriculum.

    Developed by Queensland teachers, the Water: Learn it for life! package aims to teach students about the water cycle, water conservation, water recycling and purified recycled water.

    Aligning with the Queensland Curriculum Reporting Framework (QCAR) Essential Learnings, the program offers teachers a complete set of lesson plans and class activities that are organised into four separate year level groupings: Prep to Year 1, Years 2 to 3, Years 4 to 5 and Years 6 to 7. The curriculum materials are supported by comprehensive background information for teachers to ensure they have all the information they need to confidently deliver the lessons and activities in the package regardless of the year level. The Water: Learn it for life! curriculum resources can be accessed and downloaded via the websitebelow. A free CD can also be ordered via the website.

    A fabulous new edition of Whizzy's Incredible Journeys - Pick-a-Path book is also now available. This versatile publication uses narrative fiction to engage students in learning about water conservation and the water cycle and is one of the key resources for the prep to year 1 component of the Water: Learn it for life! package. Each Queensland primary school is entitled to a free copy of the Whizzy book and additional copies can be purchased at cost.