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    Those wishing to contribute to EYC will find all necessary documents on the right of the Contribute to the ECTA EYC JOURNAL page.

    Articles for possible inclusion in the journal are welcomed from any early childhood educator in any early childhood sector e.g. State/private primary, kindergarten, preschool and child care. Download the EYC Styleguide for the details of how to present and forward your contributions.

    If you would like to know more about the kinds of articles you could contribute to the EYC Journal, here is a description of some of the key components of each journal:

    • Stories - contributions by practitioners who would like to share stories of their successes in the classroom. Things often shared are interviews of early childhood educators about some worthwhile work that they have done, documentation of 'projects' carried out by children, examples of 'negotiated curriculum' occurring in classes, or even just teachers sharing information about conferences they attended or places that they visited that were worthwhile professional development opportunities. First year teachers and teachers in rural/remote areas often offer contributions here.
    • Partnerships - contributions that highlight partnerships in early education. This can be between teacher/child, teacher/teacher, school/community, school/parent, school/school etc....any relevant partnerships that are fostered in the education environment.
    • International Perspectives - contributions here may report on visits educators have made to schools or EC settings overseas, or visits schools may have had from international visitors/projects. Teachers may share their 'international exchange' experiences.
    • Feature Articles - These articles can be as open, creative and flexible as you like. They can be about interesting research/articles/curriculum trends/developmental theories etc that other practitioners might find of value.
    • Media Reviews - If a teacher has a book, kit or other resource that they found particularly useful, they can share their review here.