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Regional Group Activities - previous years

Committee Meeting Notes 2009

The first planning meeting for the Cairns ECTA Regional Group was held on Friday 6th March, 2009.

The main topic for discussion was the upcoming ECTA / C & K conference.

The next regional group meeting will be held on Friday 27th March. Any ECTA members or people interested in attending, or finding out more about the Cairns ECTA regional group are invited to contact Lynne via email.

Workshops / Conferences

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Workshop 26 July 2008
Information on ASD, strategies for working with children with ASD, services that are available and how to access them and information about Autism Qld - presented by Lyn Eade Advisory Teacher -Autism Spectrum Disorder with E Q and Morag Parks Advisory Teacher EQ and Paula Burnett from Autism Qld

Committee Meeting Notes

The Cairns Branch usually meets once a term. In 2006, the Cairns Branch of ECTA, started the year with a stimulating talk and slide show presentation from Alison Fitzsimmons, Teacher at St Gerard Majella's Preschool. She had recently visited Reggio Emilia in Italy. Alison's Preschool room reflected the influence of Reggio Emilia.

Jenni McDonald, an Early Childhood Teacher presented a "Language of Maths" workshop in June at Holloways Beach Kindergarten. This was a "hands on" workshop where participants were able to explore pre-maths concepts (eg sorting by colours, shapes and size; patterning; ordinal numbers) using every day materials through games and activities in small groups.

Through funding from ECTA in conjunction with Creche and Kindergarten, we were pleased to have Ian Wallace as a Keynote speaker at the Early Childhood Conference in Cairns in August. Ian Wallace is a Consultant Psychologist with expertise in dealing with disruptive and challenging behaviour in children and adolescents. His Keynote address was "Strategies for dealing with defiant behaviour." He also presented a follow up workshop, "A positive, practical approach to defiant classroom behaviour." Thank you to ECTA for the funding assistance.