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Committee Meeting Notes

Melinday Wyatt
Melinday Wyatt from Wyatt chiropractor

We had a MADECTA meeting with guest speaker Melinday Wyatt from Wyatt chiropractor. Melinda talked with us about the importance of looking after our spines for ourselves and our children that we work with. Melinda is hoping to implement programs into schools which highlight the importance of spinal awareness.

We also discussed our upcoming AGM which is to be held at West Mackay SS new prep building. This meeting will be at 6pm and we are asking people to bring along things that extend children's play.

November 26th will be our end of preschool celebration at 10am at the botanic gardens.
ECTA Financial Members
Meetings to be held monthly
Applied for $50 Petty Cash grant from ECTA

Workshops / Conferences

Regional Member Conf Support - Liz Springall
Liz Springall received support to attend the 2008 ECTA conference

ECTA member, Liz Springall received $500 from ECTA as part of the support for regional members to attend the 2008 conference.

Liz has been a teacher of nursery/kindergarten/preschool for 30 years and still retains the passion she has always had. With the introduction of "Building Waterfalls' (the C & K curriculum document) in 2007, Liz says her teaching was rejuvenated - She loves the new curriculum and is keen to embrace new ideas and thinking.

Liz lives in Mackay,has three adult children and teaches at Pioneed Kindergarten in North Mackay.

Ian Wallace presentation Behaviour Management was held on Saturday 1st September 2006.

Survey members regularly to ascertain professional needs for future workshops.