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    Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services

    Dear Colleague,

    C4EO support programme on early years for Local Authorities and their Children's Trusts partners

    I am delighted to announce the launch of our work to support Local Authorities and their Children's Trust partners in improving early years' systems and services.

    As you may know, the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes (C4EO) was established by the Department for Children, Schools and Families last year to provide the knowledge, data and tailored support needed to improve outcomes for children and young people, and to meet the challenges outlined in 'Every Child Matters'.

    Our first theme - Early Years - covers the following three priorities:
    Narrowing the gap in outcomes for young children through effective practices in the early years.
    Improving children's attainment through a better quality of family-based support for early learning.
    Improving development outcomes for children through effective practice in integrating early years' services.
    We have now published a range of resources and arranged workshops on Early Years for Children's Trusts and their partners. You may also find the information valuable in your own work, or you may wish to speak to your local trust lead or Director of Children's Services about how they are working with C4EO, and how you can get involved.

    C4EO offers the following services:

    Progress maps: interactive, online tools, which make information available in a simple and easy to access way. They provide a single 'one stop shop' for professionals to access the very latest information, resources and data in a single place. In addition, they allow areas to compare their own local data with national and regional data through a secure and confidential site. This will help to benchmark performance against other localities, regional or national trends, and access resources to support improvements, where appropriate.

    Progress map summaries: summaries of key information in the progress maps available online and in print.

    Knowledge reviews: an analysis of the existing knowledge and evidence on the subject.

    Tailored support: C4EO sector specialists can help Children's Trusts and Local Authorities to take advantage of the knowledge available. The type of support will be tailored to specific needs but may include: assistance with developing local improvement plans; help to use evidence-based audit tools, or the development of a local progress map to assess policy, performance and practice.

    One of the key benefits of the C4EO is that we will be updating information online on a regular basis. We will, for example, publish three editions of the knowledge reviews and summaries of key information in the progress maps. This will ensure that we include new information and examples of validated, effective local practice.

    For further details, including access to the progress map and knowledge reviews visit www.C4EO.org.uk. To receive more regular information about C4EO and its work, I would recommend signing up for our regular email updates. This will ensure that you are kept informed about new developments as the early years work progresses, and as we launch our next themes: Disability, Vulnerable Children and Child Poverty.

    I do hope that you will find C4EO's information and support of value in the coming months.

    With my best wishes

    Christine Davies
    C4EO Director