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2009 Toni Michael Life Member

2009 ECTA Life Member - Toni Michael

Toni Michael held the position of President, Vice president or Past president of the Early Childhood Teachers' Association consecutively for 13 years. She retired from the State Coordinating Committee last year in 2008 causing much nervousness among members - how could we cope without her steady hand to guide us?

She was President from 1997 - 2000 and again in 2005 & 2006. Between these times she was vice president for 4 years. To my great relief, when I took over the role of President Toni remained on the State Coordinating Committee for a further two years as past president. During her years in ECTA leadership roles Toni also became a founding member of the Joint Council of Qld Teacher Associations (JCQTA) and later became president of this organisation. Her role in the JCQTA raised the profile of ECTA through state and national advocacy. Through Toni's skill in networking with other professional associations and organisations ECTA now works collaboratively with other entities such as C&K, Gowrie and universities on a range of professional development experiences.

This mammoth commitment to Early Childhood continues as she once again this year as she has done for many years coordinated the Conference Committee.

Toni can be credited for taking ECTA from a relatively minor organisation to one of the largest if not the largest state teacher association in the country currently with 689 members. Toni steered ECTA to look more strategically at how it could show support for and value its members and other professionals working in ECEC. Toni brought with her experience gained from working in a range settings with a professional leaning focus.

Toni donated so much time and energy to ECTA taking on a "hands on" role being on the coordinating, journal and conference committees simultaneously. Through Toni's leadership many of ECTA's practices and procedures were developed and streamlined. Toni began ECTA strategic Planning sessions - a yearly event either loved or loathed by
those on the committee, but one that made us focus on what was ECTA's core business and how we were going to focus our energies. Something that Toni started and led with such commitment. It is now part of ECTA's yearly meeting cycle with agenda items for the Planning Day in the for-front of the various committee members' minds throughout the year. This plan gives the committee direction and has been used and refined to lead ECTA forward.

Toni also developed the now famous ECTA Timeline, the last word in ECTA's activities across the year. It outlines what has to be done, when it needs to be done and by whom. Now we can't live without it!