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    Award "Modernisation" for Kindergarten & Preschool Teachers

    Sep-Oct: Fed Govt announces draft policy that places 'preschool' teachers under a 'teacher' award

    September: Fed Govt announces draft policy that places 'preschool' teachers under a 'teacher' award. Public forums on and around 16 October will continue the discussion before a final decision is made by the commission.

    Members have been emailing ECTA regarding this draft policy. Do you have views you wish to share? Do you agree with this policy statement?

    July: ECTA's response to the Award Modernisation

    A copy of the letter sent by ECTA to the Australian Industrial Relations Commission and cc'd to MP’s is shown below. The letter is in regard to current moves to change Employment Awards and Education Industry Award (which C&K teachers are currently on) to a Children’s Services Award (with Childcare Centres etc).

    extracts from letters received in response to ECTA action

    22 July 2009
    To President ECTA
    From Sophie Mirabella, MP, Shadow Minister for ECE, Childcare, Women & Youth.
    Thank you for your letter about the award modernisation process in the early childhood education sector .. I have noted your concerns and I thank you for bringing them to my attention. I have taken the liberty of forwarding your letter to the Hon Julia Gillard MP .. and asked that she address the concerns that you have raised and respond to me as soon as possible.

    17 July 2009
    To President ECTA
    From Warren Truss MP, WideBay
    Thank you ... I can appreciate you concern that the proposed new Award devalues the work of kindergarten and preschool teachers by including them in the Children's Services Award. Not only does such a change reduce their salaries but also diminishes the standing of the preschools and kindergartens. The .. Hon Julia Gillard MP has given repeated assurances that no employee will be worse off as a result of the modernisation scheme.
    It seems difficult to understand how reclassification of kindergarten and preschool teachers is consistent with this commitment.
    I have been approached by local preschool and kindergarten associations .. written to Minister Gillard .. I will write to you again when I receive a response ..

    QIEU submission

    3 August 2009: John Spriggs (QIEU - IEUA) has confirmed this will affect all C&K teachers and assistants and those working in settings before school. The union submission focuses on wanting teachers to be put within the teacher award. The submission also focuses on the need for parity of wages between school and non school settings.
    He mentioned that only 50% of teachers are in the union and I offered to inform our members working in settings other than schools about any developments as I know our members are not always kept informed.