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    The 2003 ANNUAL ECTA CONFERENCE was held on SATURDAY 28 JUNE 2003 at JOHN PAUL COLLEGE, Daisy Hill.

    Reminder - financial ECTA members can borrow video recordings of the presentations by John Irvine & Matt Sanders - to arrange this contact ECTA by email, fax or telephone.

    Keynote Speaker Dr JOHN IRVINE
    KEYNOTE ADDRESS Discipline with a Grin


    A.M. master class - WHO CARES FOR THE CARER - Presenter: Dr John Irvine

    WORKSHOP - Storytelling: tips, techniques for troubled children in a troubled world - Presenter: Mrs Marilyn Roberts

    Exploring story in children's lives. Tips on selecting, creating and telling stories. Using dialogic reading, and the five-day method.
    Encouraging children's multiple literacies through story making; helping children "tell" their own story, through play art and movement; lots of practical ideas.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (3-8yrs.)

    WORKSHOP - Living Literature, Loving Life - Presenter: Rick Samuels

    An interactive session using literature as the stimulus for drama-based learning experiences with links to current curriculum documents. These multifunctional experiences promote the development of multiple literacies, specific drama skills and effective social strategies. They also aim to re-educate children in the art of playing as they follow the natural progression from dramatic play to full-blown Drama.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (3-6yrs.)

    WORKSHOP - Parent Communication - Our Approach - Presenters: Louise Wells and Megan Shipman

    "The teacher and aide can help your child. The three of us can do so much more"
    This workshop outlined involving parents in the process, by establishing links with the documentation of children's progress, classroom displays and the Preschool Curriculum Guidelines.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten and preschool (3-6yrs.)

    WORKSHOP - Enhancing your Program with Digital Photography - Presenter: Mrs Kim Walters

    Discover how communication and learning can be enhanced using the digital camera. The presentation included examples of daily slideshows, games, child portfolios,
    story books, posters, E-Books and wall documentation created from photos of projects, child initiated play and experiences.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten and preschool (3-6yrs.)

    Kim Walters

    Kim Walters teachers at Gympie Kindergarten &Preschool Queensland where digital photography is used daily to enhance learning outcomes and communications between parents, staff and children.
    Kim is author/creator of Digital Ideas CD, Step by Step Book, Personalised Puzzles and the website www.digitalpreschool.com.au

    WORKSHOP - Behind the Book Shuffle - Presenter: Dr. John Worthington

    Research is often criticized for not being practical. This presentation highlighted selected results of recent longitudinal early literacy research. The Book Shuffle pilot program developed from the research was detailed. This pilot program has seen approximately $35,000 in books shared 'free' between hundreds of families.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (3-6yrs.)

    WORKSHOP - Let's Get the Rhythm - Presenter: Ms Carole Wild

    This workshop explored and devised ways to extend well-known and (hopefully) some new songs and rhymes using movement, body percussion and tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Ideas presented began simply and were gradually developed and extended.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (3-6yrs.)

    Carole Wild

    Carole Wild is an Early Childhood teacher with over 40 years experience.
    For the past twenty eight years she has worked at Bardon Community Kindergarten, which is affiliated with the Creche and Kindergarten Association and has been involved with ECTA for most of that time.
    During her time at Bardon Kindergarten, Carole has been active in the promotion of Early Education Reform.
    Special Early Childhood interests have always been children's literature (From Literature to Literacy), music and movement with children (Let's Get the Rhythm), facilitating children's creativity (I Can Draw, do Collage, make Prints and Sew) and working with training teachers.

    WORKSHOP - The Art of Achieving Balance in the Midst of Stress - for Health's' Sake - Presenter: Manuela Almeida

    The aim of this workshop was to:
    Establish the effects of Stress on our Health and to provide participants with practical skills to establish balance on a daily basis, through Visualisation, Aromatherapy, Self Massage and Reflexology.
    Target audience: all ages

    WORKSHOP - Promoting Nutrition and Oral Health in Early Childhood Environments - Presenters: Julie Appleton and Lyn Hunt

    This workshop provided early childhood professionals in a variety of settings with information and practical activities to assist in weaving the important aspects of nutrition education and oral health education into the daily program of the early childhood environment.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (0-6yrs.)

    WORKSHOP - Educating young children using Brain Gym in Early Childhood settings- Presenter: Dianne Scott

    'Movement is the Key to Learning.' This workshop provided participants with 'hands on' information and techniques on how to facilitate this amazing tool.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (0-8yrs.)

    WORKSHOP - Folk Dance, Drama and Music - Presenter: Ms Alison Nicholson

    Learn fun folk dance, drama and musical ideas to share with your children.
    Learn new ways to use well known songs, stories and music. Broaden your range of games and musical activities to liven up your daily program.
    Target audience: childcare, kindergarten, preschool and primary (2-8yrs.)