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2010 Workshop Program - AM Session 2

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W1 Social Stories™ - Presented by Bronwyn Sutton

2010 Workshop presenter:  Bronwyn Sutton
2010 Workshop presenter: Bronwyn Sutton

Social Stories™ are a proven method of helping children prepare for situations which may be problematic or challenging. Many of these situations happen when a child becomes anxious or confused about the correct social behaviour or appropriate language expected from them.

Target Age Group: 3 - 8 yrs

W2 Considering art as a language with young children birth to 4 years - Presented by Dr Lyn Zollo

2010 workshop presenter: Jodie Muraca
2010 Workshop presenter: Jodie Muraca

Jodie Muraca is a passionate early childhood teacher, committed to an arts integrated approach to education. She considers the arts a vibrant and valuable context in which to learn, providing opportunities for children to creatively express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, and demonstrate their knowledge and understandings in a more meaningful and authentic way.

Target Age Group: 0 - 4 yrs

W3 Thinking about the Australian Curriculum in a Queensland Context for the Early Years - Presented by Anthony Shearer

In 2010 the first four areas of Australian Curriculum will be published, including content and achievement standards for all year levels from Prep to Year 10. This workshop explored some of the issues associated with the implementation of national curriculum frameworks and the potential impacts on teachers' and children's learning in Queensland for the Early Years.

Target Age Group: 4˝ - 8 yrs

Presenter Bio: Anthony Shearer is an early childhood educator with experience in teaching, policy, research and curriculum development. He is currently employed as a principal education offficer at the QSA.

W4 Intentional Teaching in an Emergent Curriculum using the EYLF - Presented by Geraldine Harris

2010 Workshop Presenter: Geraldine Harris
2010 Workshop presenter: Geraldine Harris

The workshop demonstrated how The Communities for Children Program has embeded the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into a pedagogical approach that supports an emergent curriculum. The documentation streamlines planning and supports the teachable moments found in the everyday spontaneous activities which give rise to endless learning possibilities.

Target Age Group: 0 - 4˝ yrs

W5 Designing Routines Especially for Infants & Toddlers in Children's Services - Presented by Assistant Professor Caroline Fewster

2010 Workshop presenter:  Caroline Fewster
2010 Workshop presenter: Assistant Professor Caroline Fewster

In Infant and Toddler early childhood services, it is estimated that up to 80% of the day can be dedicated to routine and transition times. For the early childhood educator, routine and transition times can provide opportunities to consider children's active participation in designing routines; routines that offer children and families a sense of belonging, well being, identity and a connection to others. Many practical routine and transition resources were demonstrated in this workshop.

Target Age Group: 0 - 18 months

W6 Having fun with numeracy in the early years - Presented by Archana Sinh

2010 Workshop presenter: Archana Sinh
2010 Workshop presenter: Archana Sinh

Numeracy is the use of mathematical language and thinking. Young children think and apply many concepts of this thinking in their everyday play. Through this workshop, participants explored how this fun way of numeracy thinking can be supported in the early years.

Target Age Group: 3 - 4˝ yrs

W7 Digital Learners in the Early Childhood Classroom - Presented by Dr Vinesh Chandra

2010 Workshop Presenter: Dr Venesh Chandra
2010 Workshop presenter: Dr Vinesh Chandra

In this workshop, participants explored the use of a micro-blogging application which is available online. Participants will also use flipcams to create videoclips. Some possibilities of integrating robotics in classrooms were also discussed.

Target Age Group: 0 - 8 yrs

W8 Contemporary Issues for OSHC services with Pre-Prep to Year 3 children - Presented by Dr Jennifer Cartmel

2010 Workshop Presenter: Dr Jennifer Cartmel
2010 Workshop presenter: Dr Jennifer Cartmel

The Early Childhood Reform Agenda is creating a new system of integrated early childhood learning and care. OSHC services are used to bridge the gap between home and school. This workshop explored some of the emerging issues for OSHC services in the development of the 'links' between early childhood learning settings, home and school.

Target Age Group: 3 - 8 yrs

Presenter Bio: Jennifer Cartmel, Child and Family Studies lecturer has worked in a range of children’s services as well as teaching practitioners. She has taught in preschools and primary schools including the hospital school, and worked in outside school hours and vacation care programs.

W9 What bugs you about teaching reading in Prep - Year 1? - Presented by Karyn Johns & Michele Chandler

2010 Workshop presenter: Karyn Johns
2010 Workshop presenter: Karyn Johns

Oral language and phonemic awareness skills are critical elements of any quality emergent literacy program. This workshop provided a framework that supports the integration of each of these elements drawing on a variety of available tools and resources.

Target Age Group: 4˝ - 8 yrs

W10 Motivating Movement - Presented by Rosina Stensness & Nicole Brick

2010 Workshop presenter: Nicole Brick
2010 Workshop presenter: Nicole Brick

Movement is not just for the outdoors! This fun, interactive workshop covered how indoor movement environments, together with the guiding principles of motivation, will encourage children of all ages to move their bodies.

Target Age Group: 0 - 8 yrs

W11 Children and the natural environment - Presented by Lisa Sonter & Leanne Hunter

Leanne Hunter and Lisa Sonter
2010 Workshop presenters: Lisa Sonter & Leanne Hunter

Research suggests that in order for children to understand environmental issues such as sustainability, they need experiences in the natural environment. This workshop explored strategies for educators to help support children's connection and engagement with the natural environment.

Target Age Group: 3 - 4˝ yrs

W12 Approaching Science in the Early Years of Schooling (P - 3) - Presented by Linda Conlon, Sarah Harvey & Jennifer O'Mullane

2010 Workshop Presenters: Linda Conlon, Sarah Harvey and Jennifer O'Mullane
2010 Workshop Presenters: Linda Conlon, Sarah Harvey and Jennifer O'Mullane

This workshop was a showcase of different approaches to the teaching/learning of science (including teacher and student roles), how we link science to other KLAs and assessment procedures. Real work samples and video evidence of students engaged in science were shown.

Target Age Group: 4˝ - 8 yrs