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    Ben Furman (Masterclass)

    Biographical Statement

    Based in Finland, Ben Furman is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, author and trainer of solution focussed approaches specialising in the areas of children's behaviours and workplace relationships.
    Ben's presentations are thought provoking and entertaining leaving delegates with the inspiration and skills to make the shift to focussing on solutions rather than problems.

    Masterclass 1 Steps of Responsibility

    Steps of Responsibility is a simple procedure for dealing with the wrongdoings of children and adolescents. As an alternative to traditional punishment, it offers youngsters the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions, (1) to openly talk about what they have done, (2) to understand the consequences of their action, (3) to apologise, (4) to make up (5) to learn to do differently next time and finally to (6) do something to prevent also other kids from doing similar things. Steps of Responsibility is a practical application of what is known as restorative justice

    Masterclass 2 Kids' Skills

    Kids' Skills is a creative and fun way of helping children overcome all kinds of behavioural and emotional problems based on the increasingly popular solution-focused psychology. You will learn the thinking behind the Kids' Skills and become familiar with its 15 steps and you will leave feeling inspired and endowed with a practical tool that you can use the next day.