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    Anne Grant

    Biographical Statement (Jenni Munche & Eichmann co-presenter)

    Anne Grant-Teacher Unit 2, C&K Paddington Dip. Teaching (Primary); B.A(Drama)Hons; Grad Dip Ed (E.C.) Dip. Fine Arts. QIT. Anne has worked in Primary and Secondary Education, as director in long day-care and kindergarten, and is a mother of 3 grown-up children. She also has worked, and continues to work extensively in professional theatre and the arts. She has worked as a consultant for C&K in a special Innovation programme and has a special interest in Social Justice and Innovative Curriculum. She regularly mentors other educators and sees this role as vitally important. She is continually learning and is inspired by the schools and philosophy of Reggio Emilia in Italy and the natural environmental education movements of Europe. She will be undertaking a tour of these curricula over the 2010/2011 break to see them in action in their authentic settings.

    Biographical Statement (co-presenter Kathy Eichmann

    Biographical Statement (Anne Grant co-presenter)

    Workshop 1 & 2 Empowering Kids through sustainable Arts Practices in EC

    This workshop centres around enabling children's expressive skills using art materials and techniques generally thought of as belonging to the adult world.
    It respects the children's ability to use and handle tools with the guidance of interested adults - the possibilities, partnerships and exchanges that can occur as curriculum is co created simultaneously and spontaneously.
    We will talk about risk management, discussions that have to happen with parents and carers and bravery and curiosity on the part of the educator.
    The workshop will be practical and beautiful with plenty of organisational tips, hands on practice and images and samples of children in action.
    Target group: 3-5 yrs