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    Narelle Arcidiacono

    Biographical Information

    Narelle Arcidiacono was the drama teacher and Philosophy teacher at Buranda State School when the school received the Showcase Award for Excellence in 2003. Narelle's Masters in Philosophy enables her to consult to the school as a Philosopher, bringing with her, her Early Childhood experience.

    Biographical Information of co-presenter Chris Ling

    Chris Ling (M Ed) is a school Principal who in 2008 won the State Showcase Award for Leadership based on the work at Cannon Hill. She continues to implement strategies and models developed through her extensive research and participation in two Study Schools at Reggio Emilia, Northern Italy.

    Workshop 1 Reggio program at Cannon Hill school

    Chris Ling co-presenting with Narelle Arcidiacono have worked together at Cannon Hill State School to lead the development of a school culture in which children's thinking and enquiry is highly valued and central to the program.
    Building on the work of Lipman and Malaguzzi they find that the synthesis of these two disciplines adds richness to the quality of experience for both teachers and children.
    Both Philosophy and Reggio-inspired practice use a similiar set of moves or procedures to carry students through socially constructed deeper thinking.

    This workshop will explore these procedures, which Cannon Hill State School has implemented with children from 4 years of age. Both disciplines offer layers of learning for children, parents and staff - learning which is embedded in the class environment and which engages all in researching their own values, beliefs, assumptions and knowledge about the world.
    The image of the child as a competent person is clearly demonstrated in both Philosophy and Reggio and examples of this will be given during the workshop. Core ideas for transferring academic understandings to the practicalities of the Early Childhood situation will be illustrated.