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    Conference Update #2 14 February 2012

    A sneak prevue of the workshops on offer for sessions 3 & 6 at the ECTA conference

    Anne Pearson - Planning, assessment and documentation (Prep only)
    Dr Annette Woods - Teaching comprehension of traditional and digital texts in the early Years of schooling
    Bronwyn MacGregor - Building a strong number foundation (0- Pre prep)
    Bronwyn Thomas - Preparing for the rating & assessment visit under the NQF
    Chris Murphy - Children with challenging behaviours
    Chris Piggot & Meg Saunderson - Early year's science in action P-3
    Desley Jones Listening: so much more than hearing
    Erin Kelly - The fundamentals of handwriting and how to teach them to children aged 3-6yrs
    Felicity Day - Circle time for social emotional learning
    Gwen Rayner/Lisa Hingst "Who sank the boat?" Bringing picture books alive to enhance
    Jane Bourne/Luke Touhill - Putting the EYLF learning outcomes into practice
    Dr Jenny Cartmel - Reflective Practice
    Dr Jenny Cartmel - Our time, This place about "My Time Our Place"
    Dr Judy Gregory - Communicating with Parents
    Katrina Forsyth - Numeracy P-3
    Leanne Hunter - Intentional teaching
    Lyn Bower - Working with Ipads (3-5yrs)
    Maggie Garrard - Developing multiliteracies and critical thinking through the use of contemporary Australian media.
    Maureen Hawke - Learning connections Activate Program
    Michelle Bugler - Play with a Purpose: Deepening Young Children's Engagement with the Visual Arts in the Early Childhood Environment
    Paula Camilleri - Integrating Drama and Arts Processes into everyday learning"
    Prue Whoo - Music Enhances Children's Learning (0-5yrs)
    Prue Whoo - The Power of music in the classroom
    Ronit Baras - Kids learn through play
    Shannon Wandschneider/ Sharon Crosbie - Building language skills in the early years
    Sue Southey - Practical strategies for documenting children's learning journey

    Workshops on offer during session 5 (lunchtime)

    Alisa Cleary & Karena Menzie A showcase of resources to develop the global citizen from their early years.
    Andrea Ashford - Dealing with stress/ Work Life balance.
    Dani Reidy - Introduction to Kids Yoga
    Fay Edwards & Suzanne Fowler - Putting theory into practice The Children's Services Professional Exchange Program funded by PSCQ under the umbrella of health and community workforce council
    Suzanne Michaels - Q&A session (Dept OEC)

    Disclaimer: Please note that some of the workshop titles may change before registrations open.

    Conference Flyer

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