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Chair: Teenah Schneider
Secretary: Lucy Bauer
Treasurer: Susan Bateup


ECTA Sunshine Coast Regional Group
C/- Teenah Schneider
28 Price Street, Nambour 4560


Please contact Teenah via email above for more information or to join.


Louise Dorrat

Wednesday 16 September
4.00 - 7.45 pm
TAFE QLD East Coast, Mountain Creek Campus

Session 1 - 4.15-5.45pm - Building Children's Resilience
Building children's resilience in this risk-averse world by Louise Dorrat
Madame Zelda from Lighthouse Kinder talks about the educators' role to wrap children in cotton wool to keep them safe. She believes the more structured the program, the better.
Louise asked us what we were playing with when we were four years old: mud, sticks, climbing trees and jumping in puddles without parents hovering. Research shows that only 35 per cent of Australian children play outside every day. In our risk-averse and rushed world, we are becoming increasingly overprotective of children. As a result, children's spontaneous play is being replaced by more structured activities and childhood obesity is a major public health issue. Play is crucial for children so that they can make sense of their social world and to build their resilience.
Age range taught: All age groups (0 to 8 year olds)
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1, 3 4 NQS Quality Areas: 1, 2, 3, 5

Break - 5.45-6.15pm - Light Refreshments, tea/coffee
Session 2 - 6.15-7.45pm - Music and Storytelling in an inclusive environment
Music and storytelling in an inclusive environment by Louise Dorrat
Music and storytelling are a vital part of life. They can transport children to another place so they become someone or something else. Children learn best when they are enjoying themselves and, because music and storytelling are hands-on, there is an immediate sense of fun that engages and encourages children to let go. Music and storytelling can be used to create an environment or mood, to assist with transitions and can help young children to relax. If you can breathe you can dance and if you can make a sound you can sing. There is no right or wrong. Therefore, music and storytelling can build children's confidence and self-esteem. They feel the beat, learn the melody and words and are able to freely express themselves while making discoveries about how their body moves, how their voice works and connecting with the world around them.
Age range taught: Pre-Kindy - Grade 3 (2.5 to 8 year olds)
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:1, 3, 4, 5 NQS Quality Areas: 1, 2, 3, 5

Louise Dorrat MEd teaches at Deakin University Melbourne in the Bachelor of Education, IKE program (Institute of Koorie Education) and previously taught music at Victoria University and Swinburne. Louise has extensive experience in managing early childhood services including inclusion support, family day care, preschool, long day care and outside school hours. She assisted in the set-up of the Westgarth Bush Kinder and worked in the bush setting for two years. Louise's energetic workshops have taken her around Australia. Her presentations are at once engaging, entertaining and educative.


Maggie Dent

Real Kids in an Unreal world
5 September
Flinders Early Learning Centre Buderim