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Videolinq Programs FAQ

What is a Videolinq?

  • Do I need to have a computer or special equipment to attend? A Videolinq is similar to a teleconference, except participants can see the presenters and other participants at other sites. You don't need to bring along any IT equipment, all the equipment is in regular use at the TAFE sites. You simply turn up and enjoy the workshop.
  • Why isn't there a workshop at a venue near me???? Due to increased demands on the TAFE Videolinq network, ECTA has had to decrease the number of sites from 20 to 12. Every care is taken to consider that there is a site as close to possible to ECTA regional groups and regional members for each Videolinq workshop. Sites are chosen on the basis of numbers in attendance for previous workshops and are dependent on the availability of the site for the date required. Each workshop is recorded, and a
  • DVD of the workshop is distributed to ECTA members.
  • How can I get the DVD of the workshop?
  • Only ECTA members are eligible to receive a copy of the DVD from each Videolinq workshop. These DVD's are distributed to ECTA members with the EYC Journal. If you want a DVD and are not a member, you are welcome to become one and receive both the DVD and journal.
  • How can I get in touch with the workshop presenter/s?
  • Once a workshop has been presented, the contact details of those presenters who provide their contact details for distribution will be posted to the Videolinq section of the ECTA website www.ecta.org.au

The video-streaming option

ECTA provides streamed recordings of videolinqs for on demand viewing on the day following the live presentation and after that at a time you choose.

Below is a link to help you set up your streaming.

After one month links to recordings are posted in the members only section of this website.

Below are links to several videolinqs which we feel help promote ECTA philosophy and are therefore made available to the public.

Registered Teachers - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

Registered teachers are advised to note the Queensland College of Teachers endorsed position on professional reading, accessing online resources and viewing video-streamed materials as contributing to their CPD requirements for renewal of teacher registration.

As ECTA cannot verify your engagement with online or other print or electronic material certificates cannot be issued for viewing of online materials such as video-streamed presentations, materials in our secure area or DVDs supplied with Journals.
ECTA recommends you record these activities on your QCT record of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) along with readings from ECTA's Educating Young Children journal under the category Professional Reading/Viewing. Evidence of the outcome of your engagement with these valuable professional development opportunities will be required. Evidence can include examples of:

  • how you have incorporated ideas and/or strategies in your planning for individuals and groups of children
  • planning for parent information sessions and/or support materials
  • the influence on your planning and approach to teaching and learning.

Your CPD record is a list of your professional development activities completed during the year. It should include details of the area of professional development, the topic and provider of the activity, the date and duration of the activity and which professional standards it related to. This record, together with the actual evidence of each activity is what an individual teacher would show QCT if audited.