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Through ECTA membership you join a large group of early childhood professionals who share ECTA's values and beliefs regarding high quality early childhood practice.

ECTA's priorities are demonstrated in the priorites given in our shared philosophy which states: We believe:

  • in the importance of active, enquiry based learning nurtured through early childhood teaching pedagogy
  • that children learn best when children and adults share responsibility for learning and decision-making
  • in a commitment to early childhood learning environments reflecting the rights of children and families to be active participants in the learning process
  • that teaching and learning should be characterised by opportunities for children to engage in play in all its forms. This includes children initiating and undertaking investigations around topics of their that diverse social, cultural and learning needs of all children should be respected.

We believe the best way to encourage appropriate pedagogies in the early years is by advocating and educating parents, teachers, principals and school leaders in the benefits of active enquiry based learning, play being one of its main forms in the early years.

In 1973 twenty-one teachers employed in the first State Preschool Centres to open in Queensland, formed the State Preschool Teachers' Association. These teachers were scattered throughout Queensland and knew that their major professional need was to share their experiences in order to improve their ability to manage troubling events and incidents. At that time the Association took the name State Preschool Teachers' Association.

In 1976 the name was changed to ECTA, reflecting membership recognition that an Association was needed that would serve the professional needs of teachers working in all sectors offering educational programs for children from birth to eight years of age.

ECTA Inc continues to provide this type of professional support for hundreds of teachers and other early childhood professionals working anywhere in the State.