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11 November 2015 DETE Decision Making Tool and Pedagogy Project

outline to come

5 August 2015 Journeys towards Sustainability

Presentation Outline
"Journeys towards establishing a service of quality in Sustainability. How we established a culture of sustainability at C&K Arana Hills and C&K Redlands Community Kindergartens". Margaret and Jo will take you on a journey through the process of embedding sustainable practices in their centres. They will examine and discuss the many ways you can engage your staff, children and the wider community so that sustainable practices and procedures are engaged in every day. With lots of visuals they will demystify what it means to be sustainable. (This workshop received excellent ratings at the 2014 ECTA Annual Conference)
QCT Australian Professional Standards for Qld Teachers: 3,4
National Quality Standards Quality Areas: 1,3

3 June 2015 Sensory Savvy Classrooms by Danielle Bull

Presentation Outline:
Sensory processing helps us to understand and function in the world around us and to react and interact appropriately. It is the foundation for all development. Our senses receive information from both outside and inside our body and provide us with the information we need to cope with the demands of our environments. To be able to learn, children need to be at the right level of alertness or arousal. Sensory dysfunction interferes with a child's ability to attend, participate and learn in their various environments (i.e. home and school) and will have a major impact on their social and academic development.
The workshop aims to provide participants with an overview with regard to:
• An understanding of sensory processing
• Knowledge of how sensory processing affects social and academic performance
• Identifying sensory processing dysfunction in their students
• Practical strategies that can be used in classroom and child care environments
Whilst there has always been a strong association between Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Sensory Processing Dysfunction (SPD), we are now finding that many children are now presenting with SPD who are not on the spectrum. Therefore, this workshop is beneficial for teachers, aides, learning support staff, and childcare staff.

Danielle is an occupational therapist with over ten years' experience. She has worked within organisations throughout Australia and the United Kingdom; in government, not for profit and private sectors. Danielle is the owner of Paediatric Occupational Therapy Services, with clinics located in Birkdale, Springwood and the Gold Coast. Danielle has a particular interest in early childhood and passionately believes that the early years of schooling are the most important in a child's life. Positive early school experiences can only be achieved through good preparation, smooth transitions to school and supportive learning environments. For more information go to: www.paediatricot.net.

QCT Australian Professional Standards for Qld Teachers: 1,2,3,4
National Quality Standards Quality Areas: 1,2,3,5

28 April 2015 Making the most of your precious time Self Management by Lisa Cooper

Outline: In a career where you are 'always short' on time… 'take the time' during this workshop to reflect on your time. Self-management plays a big role in the time we have to get our tasks and teaching/learning done. Explore what you are currently doing, share ideas with others and gather other practical strategies and resources on how and when to 'buy back' teaching and learning time through time/self-management.

Bio: Lisa Cooper is the ECTA State Treasurer and has been a member of ECTA for over 20 years. Lisa is very passionate about learning in the Early Years. In recognition of her work in the Early Years and within the school community, Lisa received a NEiTA (National Excellence in Teaching Award) in 2012. In her recent role as AVT Early Years - Student Management she worked with teachers/schools across the region on effective classroom delivery and practices, at times working with teachers to streamline practice in order to 'buy back' learning time.

QCT Australian Professional Standards for Qld Teachers: 3