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    Books, kits and other resources posted in 2006

    New online store delivers access to educational TV

    July 26 2006 MEDIA RELEASE
    Australian teachers and students now have access to an unprecedented
    volume of educational television programs and teaching resources
    through the new EnhanceTV online store, launched today.

    With just the click of a button at www.enhancetv.com.au
    educators can order high-quality
    subscription and free-to-air programs as well as media studies

    Delivered within seven days in either DVD or VHS format, this unique
    non- profit service meets the demands of teachers schedules, and
    ensures Australian students are well-informed on the issues that
    shape our world.
    The online store grows with each new week of educational television.

    EnhanceTV was created by Screenrights, the audiovisual copyright
    society that licences Australian schools, TAFE colleges and
    universities to copy educational programs from television.

    Teachers can download over 450 free study guides for popular programs
    and films at www.enhancetv.com.au to
    complement and expand the existing curriculum.

    Top downloads include Rolf de Heer's Ten Canoes, winner of the
    Special Jury prize at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival; Honey We're
    Killing the Kids, the popular series examining children's nutrition,
    and Phillip Noyce's Rabbit Proof Fence, the thought-provoking drama
    based on a true story. Even light entertainment is covered with
    Hollywood blockbusters such as Shrek and Ice Age.

    Other exclusive free resources on EnhanceTV help cut down the
    workload in lesson preparation. These include a weekly email
    newsletter containing educational TV highlights and notice of new
    study guides and free screenings, an online TV guide, and feature
    articles. Weekly podcasts and daily RSS feeds* on the website give
    educators the most topical information at their fingertips.

    Jamie LeHuray, Manager for EnhanceTV, said: 'This exciting initiative
    not only supports Australian students and teachers, but also the
    local film and television industry. EnhanceTV makes the best
    educational programs accessible to Australian teachers, whether
    they're in a remote country town or the heart of the city.' ...

    Teeth Talk - free CD

    Posted 2006: In conjunction with Queensland Health, ADAQ is very pleased to offer all educational institutions and personnel the opportunity to obtain a fabulous new educational resource on CD called Teeth Talk. Teeth Talk is a new product which aids in the education of school children on all aspects of the importance of maintaining good oral health. It includes a comprehensive User Manual and accompanying classroom activities and experiments.

    Values for Australian Schooling Kit

    A professional learning kit, Values for Australian Schooling, will be delivered to every school in Australia in term 2, 2006. Each kit contains:
    * a copy of the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools;
    * Values for Australian Schooling Professional Learning Resources -
    Primary OR Values for Australian Schooling Professional Learning
    Resources - Secondary;
    * The Values Education Poster Set - three posters which will be
    appropriate for workshops, display in school staffrooms and school
    community meeting rooms;
    * a DVD containing a 15-20 minute trigger video with extended footage for use in professional learning activities. The DVD will include
    teacher notes.
    * Values Education Forums - Engaging your school community - a forum resources support booklet.

    In Teachers’ Hands: Effective Teaching Practices in the Early Years of Schooling

    William Louden; Mary Rohl; Caroline Barratt Pugh; Claire Brown; Trevor Cairney; Jess Elderfield; Helen House; Marion Meiers; Judith Rivalland; and Ken Rowe
    This report concludes that effective early literacy teaching requires teachers who can
    *ensure high levels of student participation, have deep knowledge about literacy learning,
    *simultaneously orchestrate a variety of classroom activities, can support and scaffold learning,
    *target and differentiate their instruction, and
    *create classrooms characterised by mutual respect.

    Welcome to the Teaching Profession - booklet

    Teaching Australia__Teaching Australia launched a new publication in April - Welcome to the Teaching Profession.
    The publication contains useful information for teachers starting their careers.
    To view the booklet online go to www.teachingaustralia.edu.au __