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    Questions most frequently asked by Conference Delegates

    1. Why was the venue chosen? Part of the conference committee’s role is to keep the cost of the conference down so that registration fees are affordable to all. The venue was chosen due to its many positive features, some of which are:

    • Value for money
    • Ample parking
    • Easy access from North / South / East / West of Brisbane
    • Size of venue
    • Enough break out rooms for workshops

    2. Why is it important to follow registration processes for workshops?

    • To respect those who were allocated a place in the workshop
    • To alleviate pressure on the presenter
    • Participants allocated a place in the workshop miss out on handouts
    • To spread numbers evenly across workshops

    3. How do I get the workshop of my choice?
    Workshops are allocated on a first in first allocated basis. To have a better chance of being allocated your first preference send your registration form as soon as you can. ECTA Members receive their registration forms approximately 2 weeks before the general mail out. Popular workshops fill fast!!

    4. Why are preferences are not sent out beforehand?
    Postage costs, workloads and logistics prevent us from doing so.

    5. Can we have tables and chairs for break times?
    Space and cost are prohibitive. Also this is a time for networking with other delegates, viewing displays and attending the optional forums – sitting at tables may restrict this.

    6. How do I become involved in the ECTA conference coordinating committee?
    This conference only comes about due to the dedication of a small group of Early Childhood Professionals, from various sectors, eg Child Care, Kindergarten, Preschool, Primary & TAFE, who meet monthly after work. If you would like to know more about the committee or how to join we would love to hear from you. Contact us via – Email - info@ecta.org.au Phone – 3211 4260 Fax – 3211 4900

    7. How can we access networking opportunities?
    The morning tea break ensures that if the Keynote address runs overtime the conference delegates still have enough time to have morning tea and get to the workshops without having to rush. The lunch break gives conference delegates the time and opportunity to have lunch, network and view the trade displays in a relaxed atmosphere. Both breaks also allow time for the workshop presenters to set up and have a break between presentations.

    8. Do I need to keep a copy of the conference program?
    This allows you to have proof of your attendance at the conference.
    Some workplaces need you to keep a professional development portfolio and it can also be included in your resume.

    9. How do I receive ECTA publications?
    Only current financial ECTA members receive these ECTA publications- (Journal, DVD’s, Videotapes and E News). To become a member visit the Website or sign up at the Registration Desk on the day of the conference.

    10. Can we receive copies of conference notes and power point slides?
    Some speakers may choose to provide participants with their own notes on the day. All speakers provide ECTA with a workshop article that is published in an ECTA journal. The journal is only available to ECTA members.

    11. Can the conference be extended to 2 days?
    The workload for volunteers would be too great and the expense of a 2-day conference would inhibit many people from attending.

    12. What happens if I do not hand my Evaluation Form in before the end of the conference?
    You can down-load the Evaluation Form posted on this page and post to ECTA. We'd really appreciate your feedback.