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ECTA honours members who have made contributions over long periods

In 1973 twenty-one teachers employed in the first State Preschool Centres to open in Queensland, formed the State Preschool Teachers' Association. These teachers were scattered throughout Queensland and knew that their major professional need was to share their experiences in order to improve their ability to manage troubling events and incidents. At that time the Association took the name State Preschool Teachers' Association.

In 1976 the name was changed to ECTA, reflecting membership recognition that an Association was needed that would serve the professional needs of teachers working in all sectors offering educational programs for children from birth to eight years of age.

ECTA Inc continues to provide this type of professional support for hundreds of teachers and other early childhood professionals working anywhere in the State.

In 1998, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of this Association, the first life memberships were awarded. The awards are made "as an appreciation of contributions and dedication to the field".

Many ECTA members who began their involvement in the 1970s and 80s have made huge contributions over long periods. Their contributions have been honoured by the awarding of life membership.


SCC Gail Halliwell

1998 Gail Halliwell Life Member

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1998 Jeanette O'Shea Life Member

Gerald Ashby

1998 Gerald Ashby Life Member

Carole Wild awarded life membership in 1999

2004 Carole Wild Life Member

Debbie Gahan Life Member 2000

2000 Debbie Gahan Life Member

2001 Lil Gwyther Life Member

Von Davis Life Member

2002 Yvonne Davis Life Member

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2003 Cathy Holyoak Life Member

Noeleen Christensen at 2002 Conference

2004 Noeleen Christensen Life Member

Pam Fulmer life member awarded 2006

2006 Pam Fulmer Life Member

Mark Cooper Life Member 2008

2007 Mark Cooper Life Member

SCC toni

2009 Toni Michael Life Member

2013 Robbie Leikvold
Robbie joined ECTA in the 1980s and was a member of the conference committee and journal committees for many many years. Robbie took on the role... 

2016 Lynne Moore
Lynne was awarded life membership for her commitment to the journal. She shared the role of editor of our journal between 2002 and 2006 when she...