Gwenyth Beale

Biographical Statement

Gwenyth Beale is a teacher / librarian with over 10 years experience and is a passionate about quality early childhood education. She believes that providing good resources for children, educators and parents will enhance the early education experience for all. She has her own business writing and editing resources and conducting workshops on using various programs such as MS Word and PowerPoint for documenting learning stories, using Movie Maker to create learning story movies that can be played on a DVD and TV and other programs. She has presented at several conferences (including north Queensland ECTA conference in 2009) and other professional development opportunities

Workshop 1 & 2 Creating PowerPoint in the classroom

Learn how to create interesting PowerPoint displays and documentation using video clips, music, yours or students' voices and photos. You can use supplied computers or bring your own laptop with power lead. Everyone (if possible) should bring along a USB stick with photos, music and video clips to use during the training.