Felicity Day

Biographical Statement

I began as an Early Years Educator in 1997 and have taught classes from Prep through to Year Three. In 2009 I joined the North Coast Region Behaviour Support Team as a Behaviour Support Consultant. This role was unique in it's brief to Engage Early Learners (EEL initiative), with a focus on working pro-actively with teachers, administrators and schools around behaviour challenges in Prep. I have had specialised training in Functional Behaviour Assessments, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Essential Skills for Classroom Management, Classroom Profiling, Restorative Practices, Circle Time, Mediation, SWPBS, Fun Friends and more.

Workshop 1 Circle Time for Social and Emotional Learning

Co-Presenters: Felicity Day & Marilyn James

Circle Time is a pedagogical approach proven to develop social/emotional skills, positive behaviour, language skills and relationships. This workshop introduces the history and principles; how to run circles; where to access resources and participation in a Circle Time Session.
Age Range: All