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Teaching young children to manage their emotions

Date Wed 27 Apr 2016
Venue via your computer (any where you have access to internet ADSL speeds required for best quality)
Format Webinar

27 April 2016 4pm
Via your computer webinar

Teaching young children to manage their emotions by Dr. Kaylene Henderson
In this workshop, adapted from the Raising Good Kids online course series, Kaylene will describe a research-based approach to helping children calm down when they're feeling upset, angry, stressed or overwhelmed.
She will help you to gain a better understanding of how to approach these situations with the young children in your care and how best to help and teach them during these times. You will hear about practical strategies to use when teaching children about emotions and when helping children calm down from intense feeling states. You will also be provided with examples of how these are used in early childhood care and education settings.
It is through repeated experiences with this same consistent approach that we teach children how to manage their feelings more independently. This provides many benefits to children, their families and your centre and school communities, including improvements in behaviour and enhanced school readiness. But beyond that (and indeed BIGGER than that!), you will be helping to raise an emotional healthy generation with the benefits seen throughout children's lives. This is an engaging and informative session not to be missed.

Age taught: Babies - Prep (0 to 5 year olds)
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1, 3, 4
NQS Quality Areas: 1, 5

Dr Kaylene Henderson is an Australian Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist, author, mother of three and a warm and engaging speaker. She is also a member of the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health and is a passionate advocate for early intervention practices.
To support the critical role played by early childhood professionals, Dr Henderson has developed a scientifically informed, yet practical, online course series entitled Raising Good Kids: A professional's guide to managing behaviour and emotions in 0-5-year-olds (launched late April). She has also developed a corresponding course series for parents in the hope that, by sharing the same, research-based education with parents, educators and caregivers, these groups can work together to provide maximum benefit for the children for whom we all care.

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