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Mathematical thinking through design play by Sue Southey

Date Wed 19 Apr 2017
Venue From your computer or device (None)
Format Webinar

19 April 6pm


Children's responses to play with open ended materials varies depending on their ages, their past experiences and the materials available to them. Typically, we might see young children - engage in sensory exploration, arrange and organise materials and construct narratives as they use the materials to represent objects and people. Design play focuses on bringing children's attention to the attributes and relationships between objects as they arrange and organise objects. This form of play provides opportunities for conversations that build children's understandings of mathematical concepts such as number, patterning, spatial concepts, tessellation and symmetry. This workshop will explore the possibilities for mathematical thinking through design play using - building & construction, arranging with open ended materials, outdoor play, puzzles and books. Sue will discuss the role of educators as they use a range of strategies to challenge and support children's meaning making through design play.
Age range taught: Pre-Kindy - Prep | Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,2,3,7 | National Quality Standards-QA: 1,6

About Sue

Sue Southey is Co-director at Springwood Community Kindergarten. She works part-time teaching and uses her non-teaching days to provide training, in-house support and professional development for early childhood educators throughout Australia. In 2009 she was a State Finalist in the NEiTA Inspirational Teaching Award and in 2013 she received the Inspirational Teaching Award from the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland. In recent years Sue has worked as a sessional academic at QUT and Griffith University, and as a team member of the K-10 resources team at QCAA (formally Queensland Studies Authority)

Certificate of participation available for download at the end of the session.


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