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Sleep and Real Life Time Management with Occupational Therapist Christine Coop

Date Sat 31 Aug 2019
Venue TAFE Queensland North, Theatrette (K Block, Eureka Street, Manunda.)
Format Workshop
Host ECTA Cairns Regional Group

ECTA Cairns Regional Group presents
Sleep and Real Life Time Management with Occupational Therapist
Christine Coop
Saturday 31st August, 2019.
8:30 - 1:00
(We will open at 8.00 am to start promptly at 8.30 am)

TAFE Queensland North, Theatrette, K Block, Eureka Street, Manunda.

Morning Tea will be provided. Please BYO coffee cup!
Dairy free and gluten free options will be available

1 session $15 QLD ECTA members $20 Regional Group Members $25 Non- members
Both sessions $30 QLD ECTA members $40 Regional Group Members $50 Non-members

Register via sticky tickets at link below or return the completed registration form by 5.00 pm on Wednesday 28th August 2019, via email to cairnsrg@ecta.org.au or post to P.O. Box 36E, Earlville 4870.

Australian Professional standards for Teachers- Nos 6 & 7
NQS - Nos 4,6,&7
A Statement of attendance will be e-mailed to you after the PD is finished.

For something that we do for a third of our life, it's amazing how little we know about sleep, and how much we abuse it. To operate at our full potential in life, it is important to understand what happens when we do and don't sleep.
By looking at the neuroscience, we can learn to manage problems such as sleep deprivation, difficulties getting off to sleep and unnecessary waking from sleep. Strategies are taught in simple 'how to' language. We also look at using naps, dreams and body clock cycles effectively. The benefits of good quality sleep to emotional and physical well-being, time management and resilience are strongly emphasised.

Real Life Time Management
"Too much to do and not enough time"-it's what many say and maybe it is true. There is a point where a person cannot fit anything more into a schedule-time is, as we know, a limited resource. But what if there were some simple tricks to make the most of the time a person has available and they are not using them because they are not aware of what can be done.
Most time management books don't effectively teach how to maximise self as a resource in such a way that works in the context of 'real life' demands. This module takes into account that 'real-life' happens and we all get snowed under at times. It looks at strategies that actually work for people who have a lot to do and who struggle to fit it all in.

Occupational Therapist
Christine Coop

Christine Coop is the Senior Occupational Therapist and creator of Enable Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Pty Ltd., an FNQ-based practice established to enable people with mental health, and complex health and disability challenges to build lives worth living. In addition to her one-on-one clinical work, Christine's expertise has seen her develop life-changing programs to prevent burnout and to expand the on-the-ground effectiveness for clients, parents, carers, employers and service providers in dealing with issues of mental health self-care, and a variety of mental health, cognitive, and social disability areas. She loves teaching people how to build lives worth living!