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Elaborating on how children learn

Date Sat 1 Mar 2014
Time 9:00 AM
Format One Day Workshop
Host ECTA Cooloola Regional Group

Outline Session 1
Perception, what does that really mean
Perception is a term used to describe the relationship between what we already have in long term memory and what we have the potential to learn. We will explore types of long term memory storage and really nut-out declarative knowledge. We all know how important language and experiences are for learners, this session will just pull this together in a simple model with some common language around it.

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Outline Session 2
Working memory, the pathway to long term memory
Working memory is where thinking, remembering and learning of new knowledges takes place. We will cover some of the underlying principles behind this seemingly complex process, to reafirm simple ways to maximise learning. This session will explain why teaching strategies we know have worked, still work!

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Outline Session 3
The 5 W's
A really simple approach to helping children learn to write great sentences. This approach. to explictly teaching children vocabulary, syntax and semantics, has been used by many teachers and proven very easy for teachers and children to grasp and adapt. This was developed to support what we know about how the brain learns and supports writing and comprehension. We have used elements of this approach for years. This session just proides an approach that provides a clear process and languauge that can be used in the class, off the cuff, the very next time we have kids in front of us!

Teaching Standards Australian Professional Standards: 1,2,3,5

Biographical Info
Iain has taught in Queensland for 24 years, much of that time across the early to middle years. He has taught across the state with experience in both small school and large school settings. Iain has worked as a Principal of small schools, Deputy Principal, Educational Advisor (Literacy, Numeracy), Behaviour management support teacher and Regional Literacy Manager. Most importantly, between roles he regularly returned to the classroom as a teacher. Iain's interests across his roles have included curriculum development and implementation as well as effective pedagogical practices. For the last 15 years, he and his colleagues have explored the impact of "how we learn" on day to day classroom practice. More recently, Iain has been exploring the implications of automaticity and working memory in numeracy, building upon his understanding of its' role in literacy. Iain is currently teaching at Maryborough Central State School.