Literacy is more than ABC by Sue Southey

Date Wed 4 Oct 2017
Time 6:00 PM
Venue ONLINE or Regional Group Viewing (See list for Regional Sites)
Format Webinar

Wednesday 4 October

Webinar Outline

Literacy is a highly valued form of knowledge in our education system. Many teachers and educators teach literacy by breaking down literacy skills into small units of knowledge that can be taught through repetition and drill. An alternative is to view literacy as in a meaning-making process that connects children with knowledge, skills and dispositions, and which inspires them to communicate through text and print. This workshop presents practical strategies for teaching children to read and write using their own interests and relationships with others.
Age range taught: Pre-Kindy - Kindy Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,2,3,7 NQS Quality Areas: 1,6

Sue Southey

Sue Southey is Co-director at Springwood Community Kindergarten. She works part-time teaching and uses her non-teaching days to provide training, in-house support and professional development for early childhood educators throughout Australia. In 2009 she was a State Finalist in the NEiTA Inspirational Teaching Award and in 2013 she received the Inspirational Teaching Award from the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland. In recent years Sue has worked as a sessional academic at QUT and Griffith University, and as a team member of the K-10 resources team at QCAA (formally Queensland Studies Authority).


Gympie Venue: One Mile State School Prep Room
Biloela Venue: Biloela Kindy


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