Making sense of sensory processing (PLUS AGM 3:45 to 4pm)

Date Wed 22 Nov 2017
Time 4:00 PM
Venue ONLINE or Regional Group Viewing (See list for Regional Sites)
Format Webinar

Wednesday 22 Nov
AGM 3:45pm - 4pm
Webinar 4pm - 5:30

Webinar Outline

When we think of all the things we hope for our children - to learn, to experience and to become - we can take for granted certain basic requirements. We assume that they will be able to listen to us, to attend for a period of time and to be calm enough or awake enough to participate in learning experiences. Without these basic ingredients, our efforts, no matter how creative and enthusiastic, will meet with limited success. 'Making sense of sensory processing' will consider some of the basic ingredients or building blocks children need in order to be focussed and engaged learners, including: What are the seven senses and their impact on learning? What is sensory processing, modulation and regulation? and How can we support our children's sensory systems both at school and home?

Age range taught: Babies - Grade Three Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,3 NQS Quality Areas: 5

Madeline Avci

Madeline Avci is an Occupational Therapist and Teacher who has worked with children for over twenty years. Madeline is a big advocate for providing children with a multisensory childhood by getting them outside. Madeline is the Director of Jump Up Occupational Therapy, that supports children and families to develop independence and resilience in their daily lives. As Director of Barefoot Nature Play Pty Ltd, she aims to ignite children's passion for playing outdoors and offers children a 'just right' experience in a world that often feels too hurried, stressed and chaotic.


Gympie Venue: One Mile State School Prep Room
Biloela Venue: Biloela State School - F Block
Mackay Venue: CQU City Campus room 1.08 Building 3
Cairns Venue: TAFE Room J102


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