How not to annihilate play: building respectful interactions with children with Katchia Avenell

Date Wed 28 Mar 2018
Time 5:00 PM
Format Webinar

28 March 2018 5pm-6:30pm

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Webinar Outline

Training ID: 408-723-068

As educators and teachers, we are often trained to step into the play frame, asking 'educational' questions, commanding answers and developing resilience with phrases such as 'You're OK!' or 'Be Careful!' In this session, Katchia takes participants through the play cycle, looking at places within the frame where a teacher or educator can step in to facilitate learning and when to step back. Participants will also investigate the language of their interactions and learn how to engage and converse with children in a respectful and thoughtful manner.
Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,4 | NQS Quality Areas: 1,2,5 | Age range taught: Babies - Grade Three


Katchia Avenell is the Pedagogical Leader of Inspired Family Day Care (QLD). A Nature Pedagogue, she is a former educator at The Cubby House in Birkdale , founder of The Garden Gathering (an unstructured gardening play experience within Community Gardens locations), co-founder of the Brisbane-based Nature Playgroup (a weekly nature immersion experience for children in all weather in a variety of local suburban, near-wild and wild spaces) and is currently the lead Nature Pedagogue and Kindergarten Teacher for an all weather, outdoor kindergarten on the banks of a river in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Katchia is a Kodaly-trained music specialist and certified in the Primary Years International Baccalaureate; she is a fully qualified and registered teacher who has taught all ages in both the public and private sector, and is currently studying her Masters in Education. She has worked with high-needs and at-risk youth and has provided respite and alternative education to children with diverse schooling needs and socio-developmental requirements. Katchia has a deep love of nature and the healing benefits of nature education and outside play. She believes in the educational benefits of unstructured outside play, child-led investigations and peer-to-peer teaching, in conjunction with appropriate scaffolding and provision experiences. She is an advocate of play work, loose parts and role play, as well as the importance of music and the arts in our everyday environment.