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Education Queesland ECTA members unblocking for webinars

This email pertains to Education Queensland staff only. Please disregard if you do not work for Education Queensland.

ECTA uses the GoToMeeting website software to host our GoToTraining webinars.

The problem is that the software allows the organiser to give mouse control to a delegate. With mouse control someone could potentially access information on your EQ laptop.

ECTA policy is to NOT give mouse control to ANY delegate however as the software makes this possible EQ have identified the websites as a risk.

We therefore ask all Education Queensland ECTA Organisational members to request unblocking for all staff and other members who work for Education Queenall to request unblocking of their individual EQ username until the end of the year.

You will need to attach your principal's written approval and statement of acceptance to the request details. See details below.

Alternately register for webinars using your personal (non-EQ) email address and participate from home. (As the block is on your username you will not be able to access from your EQ laptop from school)

The process and requirements for schools to log a job to request an exemption to access Gotomeeting.com.

We recommend you allow at least three weeks to process your request.

Each school's principal will need to read the Gotomeeting risk review at link below


A staff member at the school needs to log a job to unblock www.Gotomeeting.com via link below


The staff member logging the job will need to provide the following details in the request:
o Who requires access (all staff at their school or only specific staff- usernames and full names will need to be provided if this is the case)
o Business case for why access is required (To participate in ECTA webinars. ECTA policy is to not give mouse control to any delegate or presenter. Control is always totally with the laptop owner/user)
o How long staff require access for (request a maximum duration of until end of this year)
o Attach their principal's written approval and statement of acceptance to the request details (email). This acceptance needs to state that the principal has read the risk review and accepts the risks associated in allowing this website.

Future Webinars for Semester One

Discount Code for webinars is ECTA. (enter after clicking paypal button during registration)

Understanding the Swedish early childhood context by Susanne Garvis - 16 March 6pm
Mathematical thinking through design play by Sue Southey - 19 April 6pm
Playing with grammar in the early years by Beryl Exley - 17 May 4pm - 5:30pm