ECTA Early Childhood Conference 2021


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11:10am – 12:30pm Session:  S1-1 Holly Tootell & Naomi Sheridan – Bronfenbrenner’s Crazy in Action
Meeting ID: 873 4541 9985

11:10am – 12:30pm: S1-2 Rachel Minns – Celebrating creativity and agency with the iPad
Meeting ID: 827 2896 6421APPS required Clips | Chatterpix Kids | Draw & Tell |  AR MAKR | KaleidaCam

11:10am – 12:30pm: S1-3 Carrie Rose – Democratic and competency driven pedagogy
Meeting ID: 864 2655 4920

11:10am – 12:30pm Session: S1-4 Angus Gorrie – Loose parts theory
Meeting ID: 826 1674 8883

11:10am – 12:30pm Session: S1-5 Robyn Papworth Robyn Papworth – Motor Development Milestones
Meeting ID: 822 1602 9952

11:10am – 12:30pm Session: S1-6 Sue Southey & Suzie Wood – Once upon a time storytelling
Meeting ID: 859 2207 3086

11:10am – 12:30pm Session: S1-7 Kylie Barrett & Natasha Gregory – The 8 ways of Aboriginal Learning
Meeting ID: 822 6650 1383

11:10am – 12:30pm Session: S1-8 Angie Day – What’s in a Greeting?
Meeting ID: 876 6397 2989

12:30pm – 1pm Session: LUNCH

12:40pm -1pm Session: S1 09 – Virtual shopping & local exhibitors from Cairns, Mackay & Gladstone, Phoenix, MTA
Meeting ID: 655 4068 2174 
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If you do not want your voice, video or chat box input recorded DO NOT participate, keep your mic and webcam OFF.

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