ECTA Early Childhood Conference 2021


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1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2.1 Emma Gibbens & Rhys Paddick – Acknowledge this!
Meeting ID: 873 5555 6988

1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2.2 Leanne Uni Day & Rebecca Minter – Effectively planning supported transitions
Meeting ID: 829 3628 2973

1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2.3 Aleena Slater – Mindfulness and Self-Regulation Strategies
Meeting ID: 865 8792 7888

1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2-4 Elise Waghorn Elise Waghorn – Practical strategies for meeting children’s needs for connection
Meeting ID: 898 7548 8185

1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2-5 Belinda Whitlock – The State of Play-Based Learning in Qld Schools
Meeting ID: 868 6223 5038

1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2-6 Nicole Talarico – Thrive in Stressful times
Meeting ID: 815 0402 3362

1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2-7 Renee Irving Lee – Transforming Challenging Behaviours into Positive outcomes
Meeting ID: 833 9068 5308
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1:10pm – 2:30pm Session: S2-8 Evangeline Smaree Manassakis – What children show and tell us about their organised classroom
Meeting ID: 832 2138 8344

2:30pm – 3pm SHORT BREAK


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