ECTA Early Childhood E-Conference



CONCURRENT SESSION TWO – 1:30pm to 2:30pm

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Please click one of the links below to enter the ZOOM meeting now.
If you want to view the outlines of the presentations before making your choice click HERE.

Meeting ID: 86544662778  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 82472921339  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 836 2530 3619  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 81972975654  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 81543182215  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 85090645854  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 89178620925  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 84876314706  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 84307249633  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 89534144693  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 84122952590  Password: ECTA2020

Meeting ID: 826 9044 5234  Password: ECTA2020


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OPEN to ALL E-Conference attendees


Click the link above to enter your session presentation

Before conference day DOWNLOAD ZOOM and install on the computer/device you will use for the E-Conference

PLUG IN where possible as WiFi strength is not as good as LAN Cord plugged in. Speed affects audio and video quality

When you click the link enter the PASSWORD. You will be placed in a WAITING ROOM. If not automatically muted MUTE your MICROPHONE. Start you WEBCAM (Optional)

If you wish to join voice discussions make sure there is no background noise. (Where a headset with mic or your phone ear buds as they have a mic built in or sit in a quiet room to use laptop/device speakers & mic)

If you do not want your voice, video or chat box input recorded DO NOT participate, keep your mic and webcam OFF.

Any difficulties on the day text
Kim on 0418 157 280
Eben on 0490 025 438
(phone activated 27 June)