After returning from a glamping trip last week. It was apparent that technology was a huge part of the week. As well as my interest in the early years I am now also involved in a Rotary group. My technology passion kicked in with supporting this group to participate in sharing of photos and their experiences within an ‘online group environment’ over the week whilst participating in different activities. I was fortunate to meet four grandchildren of a family involved and this proved to be an engaging time for me. This moment was spontaneous as the eldest male 12-year-old saw a funny movie video that I had created of the older members. He was fascinated. The next day I asked if he would like to create one on the iPad and who would he like to be the stars of his video creation. Of course, the family from babies through to grandparents were captured…. until he also said, “and you too!” His younger brother also enjoyed the participation and involvement, they knew exactly what to do after a few tips shared and they were so excited when they finished their masterpiece and could share this with the Rotarian’s. As for the older group they were slow to take up the challenge, but I managed to engage new friends and share our week, so you are never too old to learn!  So, food for thought as each experience is different as technology takes a hold in the 21st century…….. What are your thoughts and experience both positive and negative….as you reflect yourself in your daily situation?