WEBINARS 2016 – 2019

Building executive functioning through musical experiences with Sue Southey

Traffic Lights Framework – Understanding Healthy Sexual Development and Protecting Children from Harm with TRUE RELATIONSHIPS

Age Appropriate Pedagogies with Ellen Brewer

Parents’ perceptions, expectations, adjustments & experiences as a child transitions to school with Grant Webb

What You Need to Know About ADHD and How To Get the Best Out of Your Students with Paula Burgess

Popcorn and animals make my muscles strong with Ingrid King

Digital Technologies with Rachael Yates Kelly McBurnie

Transforming the educational support classroom with Jane Goodfellow

We are not all friends but that’s OK with Desley Jones

Nature-based pedagogy in early and primary education with Niki Buchan

Music for sharing and caring with Kath Lloyd

Making sense of sensory processing with Madeline Avci

Literacy is more than ABC by Sue Southey

Weaving magic in the teaching of English in Prep to Year 2 with Hayley Wilkes

Understanding the Swedish early childhood context with Susanne Garvis

Playing with grammar in the early years with Beryl Exley

Self-regulation: what’s it all about? with Sarah Cavallaro

QCAA Focus on Australian Curriculum: Core with Kathryn Tully & Robyn Whiting

Teaching young children to manage their emotions with Dr Kaylene Henderson

Seven Success Strategies with Anne Garner

Waving the flags for Early Childhood Education but have you identified the Red Flags with Kirsty Gibson & Marena Matthews

Design Thinking with Sue Southey

Visualisation and goal setting ECTA Webinar with Vicki Bennett

Building Mathematical Thinkers with Brenda Kettle