Parents’ perceptions, expectations, adjustments and experiences as a child transitions to school with Grant Webb

This presentation will be based on the findings of a recent 'Queensland research project' which aimed to describe and interpret parents' narratives of their experiences as their child transitioned to school. Teaching Standards: AITSL APS for Teachers: 7 | ACECQA NQS: 6, 7 Presenter Grant Webb has undertaken a number of educational roles across a […]

Age Appropriate Pedagogies: Theory into Action

OUTLINE Age range applicable: Prep - Grade 2Outline: During the session participants will engage in activities to assist with identifying opportunities for learning, curriculum decision making and how to effectively use the characteristics of 'Age Appropriate Pedagogies' in an early Childhood classroom.AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1,2,3,4,6 | ACECQA NQS: 1.5 PRESENTER Ellen Brewer has […]

Traffic Lights Framework – Understanding Healthy Sexual Development and Protecting Children from Harm

OUTLINE The Traffic Lights Framework explores typical and age appropriate sexual behaviours in children, and importantly, also examines sexual behaviours that might signal abuse, risk factors associated with sexual abuse, and protective responses that can be taken to maximise child safety. The presentation walks participants through applying the Traffic Lights Framework by using example sexual […]

Building executive functioning through musical experiences

OUTLINE Age Range applicable: Kindy & PrepOutline: Executive functioning relies on neurological processes that support children to engage in high level thinking skills. These processes include: working memory, inhibitory control, flexible thinking. Development of these cognitive processes supports children to be motivated and engaged in learning tasks and work towards becoming self regulated learners. This […]

Igniting STEM Learning through Nature Education

OUTLINE Age range taught: Kindy - Prep At Lobethal Kindergarten they have a strong nature pedagogy and a focus on reflective practice. Join the staff as they share their journey from toys to tools, to Nature Play, to Nature Education. The presenters will share how their Bush Kindy Program is inspiring learning dispositions vital to STEM […]

Looking beyond Twinkle twinkle: choosing quality music experiences for children

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Looking beyond Twinkle twinkle: choosing quality music experiences for children with Sue Lewin  25 March 2020 4:30pm - 6pm   Looking beyond Twinkle Twinkle: choosing quality music experiences for children Abstract:- Zoltan Kodaly, a famous musicologist believed that choosing music for children is as important as choosing food for them. In this webinar we explore where to […]

Incorporating Auslan (Australian Sign Language) into your program

Incorporating Auslan(Australian Sign Language)into your programOutline: For the last four years Andrea has been developing and implementing a program at Toowong Childcare Centre, integrating Auslan into almost every aspect of their learning. You will hear about their journey so far and experiences along the way. She will share research and support the learning of Auslan as an […]

Connecting well-being, behaviour and play with Niki Buchan

Outline: Experience and research shows that play is critical for healthy human development at all ages, but often seen as frivolous when it comes to children and education particularly once children go to school. There is increasing concern about children’s mental health; the increase in children diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD and challenging […]

Wellbeing and restorative practices beyond ” Stop it! I don’t like it!” Kelly McBurnie

REGISTER: Restorative practices beyond " Stop it! I don't like it!" Outline: Getting beyond - "Stop it! I don't like it!" to create an RP environment. How do we move children towards becoming more reflective at a very early age? How should we deal with conflict on the playground? What alternatives are there to time […]